Next Generation Youth Theatre was founded by Laura Hobson and David Lloyd in Luton in 2012 and offers a range of affordable and inclusive contemporary performing arts classes and opportunities to young people aged 4-24yrs old.
NGYT classes start from as little as £4 and are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Lealands Dance Studio, St Francis Church Hall, St Anne's Church Hall and St Mary's Church Hall in Luton.   

NGYT's Patrons are Jack Thorne, Sally Abbott, Helen Parlor, Colin Salmon, Neil Jackson, Dev Sagoo and CaspaMC

NGYT offer

  • NGYT Dance- Offers a range of dance classes and opportunities for all abilities in a variety of styles
  • NGYT Drama- Offers a range of drama classes and opportunites for all abilities, exploring a range of theatre styles
  • NGYT Musical Theatre- Classes focus on developing performance skills in all 3 aspects of musical theatre (Acting/Singing/Dancing)

  • NGYT Company - Is our very own Youth Theatre Company, consisting of students aged 14-24. The aim is to create exciting pieces of physical and dance theatre as well as musicals and plays and to perform them at Arts venues and festivals
  • NGYD Company - Is our very own Youth Dance Company, consisting of students aged 14-24. The aim is to choreograph and create exciting and contemporary dance pieces in close collaboration with all members of the company and to perform them at Arts venues and festivals

NGYT Future - Means that we are constantly looking to expand the opportunities we can offer our young people and we are always actively forming new partnerships within the community and performing arts industry to ensure we are able to provide something for everyone.

Our Ethos

We at NGYT believe that all young people deserve the chance to express themselves and perform and we pride ourselves on providing them with as many opportunities to do this as possible, in a fun, highly ambitious, creative and supportive learning environment.

We believe in a two-tier system and as such all our classes are inclusive and cater for all abilities. Alongside this we have our theatre and dance companies where members are auditioned to ensure the highest possible performance standards are also achieved.

It is our mission to make Luton a place that is known for Artistic excellence for years to come.

With belief in themselves and their town, our young people, the next generation, will leave their mark for the benefit of Luton. 

What makes us different? 

As well as offering classes in established/recognised performing arts we pride ourselves on exploring the world of dance and theatre in the most contemporary way possible; New styles, new stories and a youth voice is very much the heart of NGYT's practice.
Our main aim is to collaborate with our young people to create original works of theatre and dance and to share them with both our community and National audiences.
We are as passionate and committed to being at the forefront of the arts as the young people we work for.

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Call Laura on 01582 882071 or email